Ready to make the move to the cloud?

The quickest, most efficient way to extend your company’s IT infrastructure is with a reliable cloud partner. Rogers Capital tailors cloud solutions that best fit your business needs and supports the most critical applications to run your business. Engaging with Rogers Capital Cloud will give you the understanding necessary to make confident decisions on data centre, storage, productivity and systems management needs.

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

You can now run any workload in the cloud. Rogers Capital Cloud offers a group of core services, like elastic compute and storage for you to reach your goals.

Leverage the power of our infrastructure. Rogers Capital has the products, the processes and the partnerships in place to maximize your performance while controlling costs.

Ideal as a development environment for small project.

And we believe in the power of people to change the nature of investment advice, making it more transparent, objective, and personal.

We commit people, business solutions, capital, technology and smart ideas to serve our clients, shareholders and communities we operate in. Everything we do is tailored around our clients’ needs and requirements.

CLOUD SERVER S: ideal as a development environment for small project

1 2 80

CLOUD SERVER M: the right server solution for small and medium-sized business

2 4 100

CLOUD SERVER L: configuration suitable to large projects

4 8 160

Rogers Capital Drive

Rogers Capital lets you quickly and easily collaborate securely with anyone. Share large files and connect with co-workers and partner on any device in any location.

Simple File Sharing

  • External File Sharing – Tired of using FTP and email to transfer files? Use RCTS drive to send shared links to anyone. Control security with granular access permissions, passwords, guest users and expiration dates.
  • Internal Team Folders – Use RCTS Team Folders like file shares in the cloud.
  • Universal Access – Members of your team can access shared content from any location with any device using their existing identity.
  • Attached Folders – Share directly from your PC or file server using our patent pending attached folder technology.
  • Attached folders are immediately available over the internet, before the full upload is completed.

Collaboration Controls

  • File Locking – Available for files inside a team folder. Automatically lock files when opened.
  • File Versioning – File changes create new versions of files. Control how many versions are kept and for how long. Easily restore old versions and undelete.
  • File Comments – Add comments to files and folders in team folders.
  • Change Notification – Team members can subscribe to receive notifications whenever the contents of a file or folder are modified.

Efficient Administration

  • Active Directory Integration – Use existing identities to define access controls. Keep your private AD environment and install a EISdrive > RCTS Cloud Server Agent to act as an AD proxy. (For tighter integration, check out RCTS Cloud Enterprise Edition.)
  • File Server Integration – Want a highly available hybrid environment? Attach local folders to cloud storage to keep them available offline via efficient 2-way synchronization.
  • File Share Migration – Migrate existing file shares to cloud storage with existing permissions.
  • Auditing and Reporting – Keep track of who’s sharing what with whom.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS applications help you reinvent your way of doing business. The best-of-breed applications in EIS Cloud > Cloud 24 help you deliver the experiences and performance customers expect.

Hosted Exchange

  • Corporate email. No IT resources required.
  • Hosted Exchange improves your productivity with powerful email and calendar.
  • Enjoy anywhere access to your email, contacts and calendars.
  • Easily share it all and schedule meetings with your colleagues.
  • Secure your email with free virus and spam protection.
  • Free expert Microsoft Exchange® support for set up, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Hosted Exchange ADD-ONS

  • Hosted Skype for Business
  • Skype for Business is a powerful communication and collaboration tool.
  • Email Archiving.
  • Email archiving helps keep your email securely archived and accessible through a web portal.

Document Management in the cloud

Cloud M-Files DMS

  • Safely mange your critical business documents and information in the cloud.
  • By managing your content in the cloud, you can manage (and easily search) all of your organization’s information and support a collaborative work environment without investing in expensive server setup and maintenance.
  • Access every file, from any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Collaborate on documents without Hassles.
  • Keep track of changes.
  • Share… don’t attach.
  • Simultaneously edit shared documents with co-workers, work groups and other collaborators.
  • Collaborate smarter.
  • Secure your documents with free virus and spam protection.

Cloud M-Files DMS ADD-ONS

  • M-Files OCR.
  • M-Files Reporting.
  • M-Files Import tool to migrate your existing documents.

Shams Varsally

Head of Data Center and Outsourcing Services

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