11Sqm for USD 850               20Sqm for USD 1,550

  • Fully furnished office
  • Business address
  • Office signage
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Internet Access

Optional Services

  • Cloud services
    • Hosted Email
    • Hosted Virtual Servers
    • Online storage similar to dropbox
    • Server rental
    • Laptop rental
    • Printer rental
    • Public domain
  • Local Fax number
  • Fax forwarding to email
  • Audio & Web conferencing services
  • Insurance premium
  • On-demand administrative support
  • Recruitment services
  • Payroll outsourcing

Listing Services

Global business companies holding a Category 1 license and investment funds can be listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius under flexible conditions.

  • Simplified rules for listing of GBC1 and investment entities
  • Allows listing without shares being traded on the Exchange – Technical Listing;
  • 3 year audited accounts waived – a certified business plan to be submitted in place
  • Minimum of only Rs 20 million in NAV; No minimum of 200 shareholders and 25% held by the public

We accompany clients throughout the listing process to ensure that the listing is undertaken in a seamless manner. Our services include:

  • Drafting of listing particulars
  • Preparing the Business Plan
  • Gathering and completing all required documents to submit for the listing
  • Liaising with the SEM for any queries and other matters
  • Acting as the Company Secretary, Registrar and Transfer Agent for the client
  • Ensuring the ongoing compliance with all the post-listing requirements for the entity

Investment Management Services

We provide specialist investment management and advisory services to global institutional investors, family offices and private clients. Our expertise encompasses the following:

  • Wealth planning and structuring
  • Investment advisory
  • Investment management
  • Access to global investment products

Anusha Mannick

Head of Projects

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