Why Rogers Capital

Information Security Advisory Services?

We propose security consulting, testing and training to fight off threats from cyber adversaries as they continue to become increasingly sophisticated. Today, organizations need to realise that the best offense is a good defence. We breakdown complex privacy and security issues by pivoting on our core strengths, leveraging on our years of experience in all aspects of information security. We provide a secure IT environment that actively works to minimize cyber-attacks.

Our Information security services can help your enterprise to:

  • Develop all the way from strategy to implementation, strengthening your existing capabilities and addressing any crucial gaps in the fast-changing risk environment of cyber-attacks.

Services Provided:

Information Risk Management

  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Information Security Audit

Cyber Risk Management

  • Adaptive Security Architecture Design
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Digital Forensics


  • Information Security Awareness for Users
  • Information Security Awareness for IT Professionals
  • Data Protection Training