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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial Literacy
"To tap into the brilliance of our youths and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit, Rogers Capital has partnered with the Junior Achievement Mascareignes association for the latest Mini Company competition. With the aim of nurturing and fostering job readiness and financial literacy among the youth."
Art For Heart
"The fast pace and changing environment of the world we do business in means that organizations and people must shift the way they think, plan and operate – from local to global, from traditional to automated, from domestic to outsourced, from one generation to the next.
In the art world, a similar process occurs: artists use raw materials transforming them into works of beauty. The creative journey is ongoing, ever evolving. The matter is transfigured and given meaning, often portraying a set of values, a culture, a moment in time, a place."

Athletic Sponsorship
"Through our Athletic Sponsorship we endeavor to promote a healthy society. We firmly believe in the competitive spirit and through our programs we help to democratize the sport of golf."

Visit the UN website for more information on the Sustainable Development Goals initiatives