Why use

Listing Services?

The Mauritian market is a very potent platform to take your business public. The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (“SEM”) houses over 200 listed securities and offers two platforms for listing namely: The Official Market and the Development and Enterprise Market (the “DEM”). These two markets, through their different requirements, provide entities of varying sizes and in various stages of their life cycle the opportunity to list.

Main advantages to your business:

  • Access to new capital through issue of shares to the public
  • Ability to lower cost of capital
  • Enhanced visibility for the company – both locally and internationally
  • Greater credibility as the company will be required to abide by more stringent governance rules to be in compliance with the SEM, hence providing more comfort to investors
  • Increased valuation in share price as listed equities usually trade at premium vis-à-vis unlisted equities

How we can help: Project-manage your listing process

  • Assess the feasibility of your listing right at inception
  • Handle the application process
  • Review your company constitution
  • Prepare the admission document/listing particulars
  • Review the business plans
  • Liaison with authorities until approval

How we can help: Assist in investor relationship management and integrated reporting

  • Preparation of analyst meetings
  • Assistance in preparation of integrated report

The listing services are brought to you by Rogers Capital Investment Advisors Ltd, a company duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and bearing licence number IX09000010.

Investments entail risks and a comprehensive list of risks is detailed in our Guideline to risks available for download here.