Our common purpose is to combine world class financial expertise with cutting edge technology to provide sophisticated solutions for businesses, institutions and individuals in their evolution towards a better tomorrow. With our client-centric business model and our cross-serviced organisation, Rogers Capital is altering the traditional financial and business services landscape.

Rogers Capital Corporate Services operates as a licensed Management Company, providing advisory, corporate and outsourcing services internationally. Since our inception in the early 1990’s, we continue to assist investors globally.

Rogers Capital Financial Services was created in 1992 and provides specialist investment management and advisory services across all major asset classes. Our services are offered to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. We also provide specialised consumer finance services.

Rogers Capital Technology Services, has been one of the leading IT service providers since 2000. We seek to enhance customers’ productivity and efficiency by providing integrated best of breed solutions, customisable software and high-quality services.

The inception of Rogers Capital builds a strong foundation to the Rogers Fintech served market, a consolidated stepping stone to all corporations in today’s world.

Together we embrace change, we step forward, we Keep Evolving.