Why Globefin

Fund Services?

Our fund department provides fund administration services to both domiciled and non-domiciled funds and corporate structures. We service open-ended, private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure and debt funds, including funds of funds, carry and co-invest vehicles and trusts. We also administer funds and corporate structures from various location through our strategic alliances with partners in Singapore, South Africa, Seychelles and Cyprus though the vehicles themselves may be domiciled in other jurisdictions.

How we work:

  • Dedicated Client Team
  • Structure Onboarding Process
  • Process Driven Work Methodology
  • Bespoke Technology Platform
  • Quality Assurance

Fund Services

  • Advise on fund structuring and tax implication
  • Assistance to review fund constitutive documents prior to launching
  • Listing with the regulatory authorities for fund registration and licensing
  • Liaising with lawyers on review of Constitutive documents
  • Due diligence on prospective investors
  • Opening of accounts with banks, brokers and custodians

Fund Accounting Services and NAV Calculation:

  • NAV Calculation
  • Maintenance of books and records
  • Preparation of investor, quarterly/interim reporting, annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS, including coordination of annual statutory audit
  • Calculation of management, incentive, performance fees and carried interest in accordance with agreements
  • Investor allocations, including waterfall calculations
  • Monitoring and recording of corporate actions relating to the portfolio
  • Independent reconciliation and verification of portfolio to prime broker/custodian/bank balance
  • Provision of portfolio performance reports to fund manager

Investor Services:

  • Compliance and AML checks on investors
  • Subscription and redemption processing
  • Follow up with defaulting investors
  • Preparation of draw down and capital call notices
  • Calculation and processing of distributions
  • Investor reporting – preparation and circulation to investors
  • Investor query handling and communication
  • Maintenance of investors/shareholders register

Administration Services:

  • Provision of resident directors with relevant fund experience
  • Registrar Services and transfer agent
  • Advise on Corporate Governance
  • Provision of Registered office
  • Processing investments/divestments
  • Placing Trades with Brokers
  • Liaising with banks, brokers and custodians for settlement of trades and other service providers
  • Maintenance and monitoring of bank accounts and provision of resident bank signatories
  • Application and renewal of Tax Residency Certificates
  • Substance services, including rental of office spaces and payroll services

Compliance Services:

  • Provision of Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘MLRO”) and Alternate Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘AMLRO”)
  • Provision of Compliance officer, where required
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, licensing conditions and constitutive documents
  • On-going monitoring of CDD
  • Provision of compliance services, including compliance with “substance” requirements
  • Services in relation to FATCA and CRS Compliance, including registration, due diligence and reporting

Secretarial Services:

  • Preparation of documents for Board and Meeting of Shareholders
  • Attendance at Board and Meeting of Shareholders as well as taking of minutes at the said meetings
  • Preparation of resolutions and producing minutes of meetings
  • Advising the Board members on local corporate laws, regulations and corporate governance practices
  • Ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulations
  • Maintenance of the Minutes Books, registers and other statutory records
  • Attending to all statutory filings as required by the relevant laws and regulations

Tax Services:

  • Computation and filing of tax returns
  • Tax advisory and tax compliance

How can Rogers Capital Fund Services help with your Fund Structure?

  • Debt Fund
  • Hedge Fund
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate Fund
  • Commodity Fund
  • Crypto Funds