Pourquoi les services Fiscaux

de Rogers Capital?

Rogers Capital vous propose des services fiscaux de grande qualité afin de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs. Des solutions pointues vous sont proposées par notre dynamique équipe de conseillers fiscaux spécialisés, en charge de créer des solutions fiscales personnalisées pour notre clientèle. Nos services fiscaux couvrent un large éventail de besoins en matière fiscale, tant au niveau local qu’international.

Advice on cross border structures, where Mauritius is used as an investment platform

  • Tax implications on the different structures
  • Assist clients to decide on the most appropriate structures

Liaison with local tax authorities and overseas agents/authorities

  • Act as an intermediary with the local authorities
  • Coordinate with the tax authorities in foreign jurisdictions

Assistance in reviews and requests from the local tax authorities

  • Assistance in compiling relevant information as requested by the authorities
  • Assistance in responding to the tax authorities

Assistance in tax audits carried out by the tax authorities

  • Compile and review information to be provided to authorities
  • Liaise with authorities
  • Assist in objecting to any tax assessment raised

Analysis and comment on Tax Treaty implications

  • Advise on the impact of the applicable tax treaty provisions and any changes arising thereon

Carrying out tax health check assignments

  • Assess accurate classification and tax treatment on tax returns for open years under review
  • Assess and analysis of major transactions.
  • Recommend solutions to minimise tax exposures and risks.