Rogers Capital Indian Desk

In line with our strategy, Rogers Capital has assigned a team to handle the India Desk to provide a comprehensive suite of services for companies evaluating the India option or for those who already have a presence in India. The India Desk consists of specialists who have hands-on experience in India and expert knowledge of its business/regulatory environment.


Together with the support from the existing strong network of Rogers Capital in India, the India Desk is well equipped to deliver optimal solutions to clients. The India Desk will be:

  • Your primary point of contact for all Indian investors an business persons
  • Dedicated to Indian assignments locally and internationally
  • Regroup individuals with extensive experience in international and Indian business
  • Deliver services, as needed, based on Indian statutory requirements
  • Provide assistance internally and externally as required

Our Expertise

Corporate Services

Corporate Administration
Tax Advisory & Compliance
Fund Administration
Captive Insurance Management
Actuarial Services
Accounting & Payroll Outsourcing

Financial Services

  • Investment Advisory
  • Family Offices
  • Listing Services

Technology Services

  • Cloud & Digital solutions
  • Infrastructure & Mobile solutions
  • Data Centre & Outsourcing solutions
  • Connectivity solutions
  • Business solutions

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