Why Rogers Capital

Corporate Finance Advisory?

Because of our expertise:

  • Professionals with 10+ years of experience in the financial services sector
  • Focus on value creation
  • Astute market intelligence covering different sectors and African countries
  • Rich network
  • Licensed investment and corporate finance advisors

Transaction advisory

Getting the best value proposition out of your ideas

  • Advice on the various phases of structuring the project(s)
  • Management of the financial and relational aspect of the project
  • Preparation of investor materials

Capital Raising and Financial Structuring

Getting the right investors for you

  • We work with you to attract the capital you need
  • Draw from industry knowledge and network to open opportunities


Guiding you to the next step of your business cycle

  • Assess feasibility of listing
  • Handle application process
  • Investor relations & Integrated reporting

Finding the right partner for your ventures

  • We leverage on our network to find the right match for you
  • We manage the communication and negotiation process


Assessing opportunities as value enhancing or value destructive

  • Provide objective, unbiased opinions
  • Independently value opportunities