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Mould your ideas into concrete business solutions
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Financial services

Rogers Capital has, since 1992, marked the local landscape of financial services. We offer specialist investment management and advisory services to institutional investors, family offices and private clients. We also provide financing solutions to individuals, SME’s and businesses to support their development.

Experience, seamless service, flexible pricing and wide networking are our key principals. If you are looking for sharpness at conceiving and stitching up tailor-made transactions, with an inbred flair for value creation, this is the hallmark of our highly skilled professionals.

We have defined pricing structures integrating fixed and variable elements for optimal suppleness. We will creatively work with your constraints and requirements to meet your set objectives. We love challenges. They have made us masters of our trade.

Financing Solutions

Access to financing is one of the main pillars of economic empowerment for households and companies. Rogers Capital provides financing solutions to individuals, SMEs, and businesses to support their development. Whether our clients are buying a product they need or purchasing equipment for their growth, we accompany them to fulfil their ambitions through our tailored financing plans.

Investment Advisory

We are licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius as Investment Adviser (Unrestricted). We provide discretionary and non-discretionary investment advisory services to individuals and family offices. We remain very flexible on the services and adapt our offering to the clients’ needs. Some clients prefer to decide on their investment and we execute the trades on their behalf whereas certain clients give us the mandate to decide on and execute the investments.

Fund Management

The up-and-coming African and Asian economies are the untrodden grounds where opportunity for larger asset allocations is increasingly manifest. With our privileged regional connections, in-depth research capability and full-fledged asset management services, we are strategically positioned to investigate, plan and execute insightful investment into these new territories through the structured investment products that we develop.

We have extended our CIS manager services to third-party funds willing to avail of a local fund manager in Mauritius. We also have a dedicated trading desk for Indian listed securities.

Family Office Services

Rogers Capital helps clients structure their personal wealth to ensure that the family legacies are preserved and enriched through generations. Our Family Office Services include:

  • Wealth Planning
  • Investment Advisory
  • Tax and legal Advisory
  • Trust & Corporate services
  • Family Governance
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Philanthropy

Listing Services

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM), with its 27 years of operations, is one of the leading stock exchanges in Africa and is accredited to international bodies such as the World Federation of Exchanges and the South Asian Federation of Exchanges. Global business companies holding a Category 1 license and investment funds can also be listed on the SEM under more flexible conditions.

We accompany clients throughout the listing process to ensure that the listing is undertaken in a seamless manner. Our services include:

  • Drafting of listing particulars
  • Preparing the Business Plan
  • Gathering and completing all required documents to submit for the listing
  • Liaising with the SEM for any queries and other matters
  • Acting as the Company Secretary, Registrar and Transfer Agent for the client
  • Ensuring the ongoing compliance with all the post-listing requirements for the entity