Why Rogers Capital

Outsourcing Services?

Combining our world-class services, technology and expert staff, our outsourcing teams have helped multiple Funds of every size, type and investment strategy to reduce and control operating costs, elevate service levels to their investors, streamline operations, improve focus on strategic initiatives and achieve sustainable growth. We strive to deliver timely, accurate and independent portfolio administration through the use of cutting-edge technology including PFS Paxus. Our approach to fund administration combines exceptional teams, proven processes, and industry-leading technology.

Our range of services :

  • Fund Accounting Services
  • Review of NAV
  • Valuation of Portfolio
  • Dealing and Trading services

Fund Accounting Services

Investor Transactions

  • Processing of subscriptions, redemptions and transfers
  • Maintaining anti-money laundering information on investors
  • Assign the dealing date and issue price to new subscriptions
  • Recording of share registry transactions and generating Contract Note
  • Maintenance of share register

Securities Transactions

  • Identifying Trades deals form Investment Manager
  • Placing of Trade Orders with Brokers and monitoring Trade Contract Notes
  • Processing trade settlement instructions with Custodian
  • Uploading trade transaction records on system
  • Independent reconciliation of portfolio to broker/custodian statements

Valuation of portfolio

  • Independent valuation of portfolio from reliable sources
  • Uploading of foreign exchange rates through automatic feed from reliable sources
  • Recording all corporate action and validating its completeness against other reliable sources

Bank Transactions

  •  Automatic processing of daily bank transactions and conducting periodic reconciliations

Income and Expense Accruals

  • Reconciliation and record of all income and expense accruals attributable to the fund
  • Recording of management fees and other service fees as per Fund documentation
  • Preparation of tax computation based on underlying tax regulation
  • Assessing hurdles, HWM and ascertaining performance fees

NAV reports

  • Maintenance of multi-series accounting and equalization process
  • Distribution of NAV statements through Investor Portal

Review of NAV

  • Conducting of periodic reconciliation of all cash transactions with source documents
  • Review of Investors transactions with subscription and redemption documents
  • Review of trading transactions with trade orders, contract notes, broker’s statement and settlement instructions with custodian reports
  • Independent review of portfolio valuation from reliable sources (Bloomberg or Reuters)
  • Reviewing of all foreign exchange transactions
  • Validation of corporate actions against other reliable sources
  • Reconciliation of all income and expense accruals with the Fund documentation and service agreements
  • Review of performance fees and equalisation schedules
  • Review of Investors statements

Valuation of portfolio

  • Automatic processing of daily trading activities
  • Reconciliation with broker’s reports and custodian’s statements
  • Recording of all corporate actions
  • Validating completeness of security transactions against other reliable sources
  • Valuation of securities:
    • Listed Securities – Market Valuation Approach
      • Capturing of prices of quoted securities from reliable sources
    • Unlisted securities
      • Recording the valuation of unlisted securities form independent valuer based on international valuation methodology

Dealing and trading Services

  • Processing of registration documents with relevant stock exchange
  • Provision of Human resources facilities and office support
  • Transactional administration – Liaising with Investment Managers
  • Placing Trades with brokers and monitoring of Trade Orders/Contract Notes
  • Liaising with banks, brokers and custodians for settlement of trades
  • Conducting portfolio reconciliation
  • Periodic reporting with relevant stock exchange as applicable

Fund Outsourcing Services