Why Rogers Capital

Accounting Services?

We are an experienced accounting partner that will work to ensure that the fundamentals of your business are transparent and up to date. We strive to communicate through all of your concerns and believe that business is a mutually beneficial partnership between clients and service providers. Our staff are very approachable, and with clients we employ a direct approach with a work process ideally suited to you.

Basic Book-Keeping

  • Analysis of accounting information for recording purposes
  • Processing of accounting transactions on live accounting mode
  • Accounts reconciliations

Transactions processing

  • Accounts payable including vendor reconciliations
  • Accounts receivable including cash applications, billings and collections
  • Costs and inventory accounting

Financial statements

  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Preparation of financial summaries
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts.
  • Management reporting
  • Client assistance on audit of financial statements
  • Advice on complex accounting issues

Other statutory reporting

  • Assisting GBL1 companies in completing their quarterly and annual surveys as required by the FSC
  • XBRL reporting for domestic companies