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Accounting & Payroll Outsourcing

Accounting services

Our team of dedicated professionals allows you to relax on the figures, freeing up your energy so you can spend it on what really matters to your business; making smart decisions. As an experienced accounting partner, we work to ensure that the fundamentals of your business are transparent and up to date. Our reliable team combines solid experience in the accounting field with a refined customer centric focus producing optimal results for you and your business. We strive to communicate through all of your concerns and believe that business is a mutually beneficial partnership between clients and service providers. Our staff are very approachable, and with clients we employ a direct approach with a work process ideally suited to you.

Through our wide range of accountancy services from basic book keeping to complex financial reporting, we manage your accounts without it costing the earth.

Our services include:

  • Management accounting and consulting
  • Financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts
  • Accounts receivable/Accounts payable
  • Financial analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assistance for audit

Payroll Services

Our payroll service can help you navigate the complexities of paying your staff. We work with you to ensure that you are in compliance with the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

  • Our services include
  • Calculation and payment of salary
  • Issuance of payslips
  • PAYE process and settlement to the Mauritius Revenue Authority
  • National Pension Fund (NPF) and National Solidarity Fund (NSF) deduction and payment
  • All annual filings with the Mauritius authorities
Shameem Kureemun
Associate Manager Accounting Services
Reshma Hurday
Associate Manager Accounting Services
Jean Barbe
Manager Payroll Service